About Me

My name is Jacqueline White and I am a recent graduate from North Carolina State University! I graduated Summa Cum Lade with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with the goal of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. In this about me, I will give you a thorough background of my experience with medicine that has led me up to this point of studying abroad in Belize.

I started my journey in medicine in Buffalo, New York where I grew up.  I knew early on that I wanted to get into medicine and did as much as I could to shape my experiences to get to where I am today. In high school, my first experience in medicine was spending a summer shadowing a dentist in my town. I assisted him and the dental assistant with tools, clean up, appointment scheduling, comforting the patients, and any clerical work that needed completing. Fast forward to my senior year of high school: I applied and was accepted into a competitive premedical program called New Visions: Connections. This program was an intensive program where candidates were accepted as part of a formal program application and interview process. It consisted of spending 4 hours a day at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital shadowing various medical professionals on weekly rotations. We also spent a lot of time doing research on medical history and anatomy and physiology. This program allowed me to gain valuable insight on all the various aspects of medicine and fall in love with it even more.

After my freshman year of college, I worked as an intern at Luna Medical Care with Dr.Hongbiao Liu. During this internship, I learned how to read and interpret advanced medical documents and records, sat in on patient appointments and took blood pressure, oxygen levels, and learned how to diagnose patients. I also became more familiar with the pharmaceutical side of medicine by learning how doctors write prescriptions and what various medications are used for. That same summer, I worked as a research assistant in an Auditory Lab at the University at Buffalo. I worked under Dr.Richard Salvi with rodents in the field of tinnitus. The goal of our research was to document the location and time course of neurodegeneration in the auditory brain using classical and novel markers of nerve fiber degeneration.

For two years while in Buffalo, NY as as college student I also worked as a volunteer at Sister’s of Charity Hospital. I volunteered in the ambulatory surgery unit and did CNA style work assisting nurses with patient care, cleaning rooms, stocking equipment, and discharging patients. Starting in January of 2014 I became a research assistant at the Dent Comparative Bioacoustics Laboratory under Dr. Micheal Dent. The goal of the research in our laboratory was to investigate acoustic communication in animals. I specifically measured hearing and vocalizations in birds. I performed psychoacoustic studies of hearing in animals using operant conditioning techniques, and also recorded the sonic and ultrasonic vocalizations from our subjects in various contexts.

Once I moved to North Carolina that summer, I decided to take a year off of school to get my EMT Basic certification and work full time for a year. I was employed at Samaritan Ambulance full time as an EMT Basic and gained a lot of experience with hands-on patient care and medicine during this time.

In the Summer of 2016, I decided to apply for the Belize program with the hope of gaining a greater respect for the medicine we have here, to learn about various cultures and how healthcare works abroad, and to use my knowledge and experience to help those who need it. I had the most incredible experience in Belize and am so grateful to have been able to do this amazing medical trip.

I am currently working as a Medical Assistant for Mann Ear Nose and Throat Clinic in Cary, NC. At Mann ENT, I have a variety of responsibilities: I triage patients by obtaining vitals, current symptoms, and relevant medical history. I also scribe for the physicians during patient appointments and order any testing including various radiology scans, audiograms, and surgeries. I also have been trained to assist in a variety of surgeries and procedures including but not limited to: balloon sinuplasty, videostroboscopy, cerumen removal, laser assisted tonsil ablation, myringotomy and tube insertion, excision biopsy, dexamethasone injections, etc. I am also trained in immunotherapy and can administer allergy shots. I am exposed to new and advanced medical terminology each day while constantly learning about medical conditions, medications and dosages, and innovative procedures!

All of these experiences have shaped and transformed my love for medicine. I am eager and excited to see where this journey takes me, and thank you for taking the time to read all about me!