Chronic Disease Poster

Chronic Disease Poster Link

Above is a link to the poster my classmates and I created on chronic disease. Three of us focused on Diabetes while the fourth focused on Ischemic Heart Disease: a disease that often comes from being diabetic. In order to spread the word on raising awareness for these deadly chronic diseases, we all presented to as many different people as possible. Below you will see three photos: Two of me presenting via Facetime to 3 family friends in Buffalo, NY, and the other presenting to my parents (and puppy!) in Raleigh, NC. By presenting to a group from another state, I am really hoping to spread the word about chronic disease as far as I can. In fact, Tony Tronolone (the man from the first two photos) was extremely interested in my presentation and plans on sharing what he learned with his coworkers who unfortunately have a less than healthy lifestyle! I hope that sharing what we learned can help make a positive impact on others and reduce the risks and prevalence of chronic disease.

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