Guided Reflection #1

  1. What is Global Health?

Global Health is the research, study, and efforts made to assist people all over the world in terms of healthcare. It involves using resources and education to improve the quality of life by preventing and treating diseases, epidemics, and any health crises. Global Health is everywhere, not just in developing countries. It encompasses many people coming together to benefit a population as a whole in regards to health and medicine.

  1. What is my role in Global Health?  

I believe the main role I play in Global Health is education and awareness. There is only so much that I as a single individual can do on a global scale, but using my education to help spread the word of how important global health is can be very beneficial. Also, I hope to use my medical knowledge to do more medical mission trips like this one to assist those who don’t have access to the amazing resources we do here in the United States.

  1. What makes a successful Global Health Initiative?  

A successful Global Health initiative is about little victories. I believe that even small progress is great progress, and when dealing with such a complex issue like Global Health, it can sometimes be difficult to see the success when so many people all over the world are still struggling. When resources are used efficiently and hard work is completed, a global health initiative is successful. When even one small group of people is benefitted or their lives are improved even in the slightest, it is successful. If the goal of the organization or group is met, then once again, it is successful.