Medical Mission GoPro Compilation

I brought my GoPro along with me for our trip! I took a lot of videos documenting our amazing experience: all with patient consent of course! As one of my artifacts for this trip, I made a video compiling all the best footage I got over the course of the 12 days we were in Belize.

Our trip started off with practicing blood pressure, taking temperature, and doing assessments on each other so that we were ready to do them on real patients. We also prepared all of the medication donations we brought with us and sorted them by type and labeled them with the expiration dates. Our first day of house visits was in the village of San Joaquin. About 60% of the people we saw spoke only Spanish, and the rest were either a little bit of English or fully bilingual. It was a great way to practice my Spanish and get experience using it in the real world. After we had our first day of house visits, we got to go to the local school and give a hand-washing and tooth-brushing hygiene seminar to the children! We played with them for a bit as well which was so rewarding and fun. Our clinic for San Joaquin lasted two days. On the first day, we saw around 40 patients and on the second day it was about the same. I had the pleasure of working in the pharmacy for the second day of clinics and it was hectic and so fun!

Our second round of house visits was in the village of San Victor. The weather was much better for this day and we were able to see a lot of people. The clinic that followed after was only one day and so busy! We ended up seeing around 80 people total and our pharmacy had to be outside due to the small nature of this clinic. That night we had a suture practicing class taught by Dr. Estrata. We had cut up oranges and did square sutures on them to practice! It was extremely fun and also really cool to get to see how tough it is to get a tight stitch. The last part of my video shows the community day that we had. We went back to San Victor and spent the day playing with the kids! Unfortunately, I developed an ear infection on the end of our trip and I was unable to make it to community day so my lovely friends took the GoPro with them to get some footage of the day.

Please enjoy this video compilation and watch on 1080 HD for the best quality!